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The moment a person decides to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes marks a turning point in his life. The only thing that stands in the way is the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal. This is a stage that every person trying to overcome psychological dependence to a chemical must face. There are many times when people who are trying to quit smoking tobacco want to give up and resume the habit. The electronic cigarette must be one of the best solutions to the problems associated with trying to quit smoking tobacco.

Best Nicotine withdrawal Strategy – The Electronic Cigarette

The symptoms of nicotine withdrawal hit a person hard when they try to quit smoking tobacco. These symptoms include irritability, crankiness, severe craving for a smoke, insomnia, anxiety, loss of concentration, sore throat, headaches, sore tongue and gums, mental sluggishness and the list goes on. These symptoms are very difficult to persevere especially because you know that a single cigarette stick will make them all go away. The initial days of trying to quit tobacco smoke are like trying to climb a very steep hill without a harness. Most of the time you feel like letting go and reaching for that pack of cigarettes you hid just in case the symptoms became too much.

The safety harness

There must be dozens of methods that have been devised in order to help people who are trying to quit smoking. These methods are designed to lessen the nicotine withdrawal and therefore make the process more manageable. Unfortunately most of the methods fail dismally mostly because of being too ineffectual. The method that should work must therefore be tough enough just like the symptoms are on quitters. Popular methods such as nicotine chewing gum or nicotine patches fail dismally because they don’t deliver enough nicotine since they are not efficient nicotine delivery systems.

After a person thinks that all is lost, he stumbles across an electronic cigarette. Compared to all other quit-smoking aids, the electronic cigarette is by far a superior nicotine delivery system. This makes it the perfect companion for a person who wants to quit smoking tobacco. An electronic cigarette contains nicotine which is the substance that is behind all the craving and the other nicotine withdrawal symptoms. What’s more you can change the amount or concentration of nicotine in an electronic cigarette giving you a way to increase potency of the electronic cigarette. The use of electronic cigarettes to help people to quit smoking is so effective that some doctors have been known to incorporate e-cigs into programs designed to help people quit.

Benefits of electronic cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes are known to have many advantages. In fact after a person quits using tobacco, it is not absolutely necessary to stop using e-cigs. The following are some of the benefits of electronic cigarettes.

  • They are safer to use than tobacco cigarettes. Tobacco is famous for being one of the substances we take that has the most number of chemicals. To be more precise, it has a total of over 4,000 chemicals. Sure, these chemicals are totally harmless to human beings but the bowl of contention with tobacco cigarettes lies in the harmful chemicals. Some of the chemicals present in tobacco pose the risk of causing cancer to smokers. These chemicals have been proven to be responsible for several cancers in smokers of tobacco. In addition to the chemicals that cause cancer, there are other chemicals which harm other organs of the body. Some of these chemicals, for instance, hydrogen cyanide, are fatal when taken in large doses but they are present in very small quantities in tobacco. Therefore their effect is gradual but years of exposure will show definite signs of damage.
  • Electronic cigarettes contain nicotine and they can therefore help to reduce the signs of nicotine withdrawal in a user.
  • Electronic cigarettes don’t produce a pungent smoke and they are therefore less intrusive to the comfort of people who are nearby compared to tobacco cigarettes.
  • When you calculate the cost of smoking e-cigs compared with the cost of buying tobacco cigarettes, you find that it is much more affordable to smoke electronic cigarettes.
  • Smoking electronic cigarettes does not contribute to enlarging the hole in the ozone layer or even global warming. Electronic cigarette smokers can confidently take out their electronic cigarettes and puff away without any guilt.
  • Tobacco smoke makes the lives of people more miserable because it causes them to have bad breaths and also causes discoloration of teeth. For people who smoke electronic cigarettes, there is no possibility of these symptoms manifesting themselves because the contents of electronic cigarettes are free of impurities.

It is undeniable that electronic cigarettes are the best ways to help people quit smoking. The invention of nicotine gum and nicotine patches might have been taken with a lot of appreciation but compared to these methods; an electronic cigarette is the holy grail of quit-smoking aids.